Michael is an incredible lawyer. He is very intelligent and well prepared for court. He listens to his clients with empathy and a desire to provide the best legal service. He is highly respected by other lawyers and judges throughout Chicago.


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This is the lawyer anyone would want and I am truly grateful for all he did for me and my family. Mr. Lodermeier met every need during a very stressful time for my family. He went above and beyond to answer any questions I had. Always a quick response. He is a very down to earth and don’t waste your time or money. I will forever have this man in my corner and highly recommend him for anyone I know. Just a wonderful experience working with him .I can not say enough of nice things about this man.


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Michael was extremely helpful regarding a child support issue that I encountered a few years after my divorce was finalized. His advice allowed both sides to reach a settlement that helped to avoid a potentially lengthy litigation. For matters related to divorce, I would highly recommend Michael.


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Mr. Lodermeier is very professional. He did a QDRO and closing for me. He has done a lot of work for my friends and family. He made every effort to make sure my case was handled properly.


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Highly Recommended
I found Mike by 2 friends who had nothing but good things to say about him. You can add me to that list. He made the divorce process extremely manageable. Whenever I was feeling stressed he calmed me down. In court he was in full control and always well prepared. I would recommend him to anyone faced with a divorce.


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A legal partner, not just a “lawyer”
Michael represented me in two specific cases regarding custody of my boys. The first case resulted in my winning custody from my ex wife, who later tried to file an emergency motion to regain custody and failed (the second case).

I never felt like Michael was a “lawyer” when we talked. He was a consultant, a partner, explained his strategy every step of the way so we were on the same page. And he never forced his opinion on me. He laid out several ideas and spoke in detail of the advantages/ disadvantages of each approach.

In the courtroom, he was strong and confident, without being egotistical.

Michael was always made himself available to me. I knew he had a heavy case load in both instances, but I felt as though I was his *only* client and this was the *only* case he was working.


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highly recommend Michael
Michael is an excellent attorney and I could not have asked for anyone better to represent me during a difficult time. He’s smart, thorough, and professional.


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