Child Support

DuPage County Child Support Attorney

Child support determinations made at the time of divorce or during a paternity case can affect both parents and children until the child’s emancipation at the age of 18 or graduation from high school. Whether you are in need of establishing child support, modifying child support or you need help with an inappropriate support order, an experienced lawyer can help protect your rights.

At Michael L. Lodermeier, P.C. we have extensive experience in court proceedings to establish child support orders or modify child support orders. Whether you are seeking to collect child support or need legal help to protect yourself against unfair and unmanageable child support payments, we can help you.

Obtaining Child Support Payments

Child support determinations are based on Illinois Statutory Child Support Guidelines, taking into account the child custody arrangements, the financial position of each parent, and the needs of the child. Under Illinois law, both parents are responsible for providing appropriate support for their children.

As your child support lawyer, Michael L. Lodermeier, P.C.’s role is to ensure that all the financial facts are presented in order to ensure that the child support that is ordered is fair and appropriate. This is not always easy, as some parents do not present an accurate accounting of their finances and hide income. When needed, we can work with an investigator to uncover hidden assets so the child receives the support he or she is due.

Enforcement of Child Support Obligations

If you have an existing child support order and you are owed back child support, we can help you take legal action to collect unpaid child support payments. Illinois child support law provides a number of penalties for parents who have not paid support, or who are behind on their child support payments. There are things we can do to enforce child support collections and get you the support you need.

Defense if Your Child Support Order Is Unfair or You Are Facing Legal Consequences for Unpaid Child Support

The State of Illinois cracks down hard on parents who are in arrears with their child support, imposing criminal penalties, wage garnishment, and even suspending a parent’s drivers’ license to get them to pay. But sometimes, the State’s actions are wrong or unfair.

If you have lost your job or have taken significant pay cut, you need to act immediately and contact us before a financial challenge becomes a legal nightmare. Your legal obligation and support amount can only be modified after you have filed the appropriate petition with the court seeking to have your support amount modified.   The court cannot modify your support obligation retroactively to a point before the filing. If you loose your job and cannot pay your support you are legally responsible for the entire amount of support until you file your petition and give the custodial parent notice.

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