Divorce is stressful for all parties, including children. Whether your divorce has come quickly or is the result of long-standing problems, you don’t want the process to drag on, prolonging the uncertainty.
DuPage County family law and divorce attorney, Michael L. Lodermeier is committed to helping you achieve a positive resolution to your divorce in an economically efficient manner that protects your rights and long-term best interests. We will work with you to address the many issues that can and will arise during the divorce process – the division of marital property, pension valuation and division, spousal support (maintenance/alimony), and child custody and child support.

With honest, competent, aggressive legal guidance from an experienced attorney and the support of a professional legal team, you will arrive at a solid divorce settlement and a positive, new chapter in your life. Allow us to guide you through the process in a manner that is mindful of your financial resources and your personal goals.

We are also aware of how a divorce can have a negative effect on your finances. We will secure the child support, spousal support (alimony/maintenance), equitable distribution, college costs, medical insurance, unreimbursed medical expenses, child care expenses, life insurance you and your children deserve.

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